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    Chen Nan exposed puzzled look. 

    Old wrinkled cheeks shiver, said: "Young people do you know? You when you first stepped into the old stacks, I sensed the aura of your body, I carefully observed, it
was discovered the body you are born with spiritual roots. If I can get a natural body with the help of those spiritual roots, there may be an enormous force, and
thus do not practice evil book, and can last for decades of life. " ,mbt sko
    Jade on stage that the domineering old man pointed to the peerless master of awe-inspiring, said: "Do you know why his body emission
fluctuations in the slightest strange? It is because his body bears an enormous force, and that the repair of his unrivaled as if those forces that escorts out of the ... ... " ,mbt shoes review
    After hearing this, Chen Nan, a cold heart, he just still wonder if old debt of gratitude, nor will he cited here, ah, all this is
the old man had long been premeditated. ,mbt shoes dk
    "You many think of it predecessors, have been gone for thousands of years, peerless master of the Spirits of heroes who had gone, how will his body hidden within the
powerful? I think is his immortal body and earth resonance strength results.