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GS3 16/04/2011 04:19

    Early on, the great practitioners in the West confrontation, Taoism, and is no doubt the power of magic, every little achievement of
monasticism and the magician in the above order have the strength of super-terrorist. They can directly manipulate the strength between heaven and earth, a spiritual person to deal with dozens of Western warrior, a magician in the same order more than able to deal with
dozens of East swordsman. ,mbt sko
    But the yogi and magician scarce, practice Taoism, or the study of magic, the human body the most demanding, so Taoism and the magic is not to large-scale
popularity.Other ascetics and more from the world, rarely appears in front of the world, so the eyes of the people who cultivate the most mysterious. Magician in
the process of cultivation, magic requires a lot of expensive materials, so in order to become a magician, leave the money does not work. ,mbt sko priser
    Oriental martial arts practice or Western vindictive, although there are requirements on the constitution, but not harsh, and most people are able to practice, but
with different physical, achievement will naturally have a significant hierarchical. In comparison, those who practice martial body surgery and magician less than a
number of ascetics, except close to do battle, or else that these weapons was not in direct control of practitioners world opponents strength. ,mbt århus
    Of course, that nothing is absolute, Oriental Warrior, some people were able to repair the deep to very high state of cultivation, any practitioner to see this
powerful Oriental Warrior, will be a headache.